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About Weeklyoptionplays- Its Origin

With-my-SonMy Name is Sasi M Motaparthy, I have 12 years of trading experience in stocks, options, commodities and futures. I have been very successful in reading market directions and stock price movements by means of price action and charts. Trading Options can be very rewarding if correct tools an d option trading strategies are used. Weeklyoptionplays achieves high accuracy in trading options by utilizing various weekly option strategies. WOP has produced repeat winners by using various stock option strategies in high beta any options like AAPL GOOG FB PCLN TWTR TSLA NFLX and many others. Our Success in Weekly Options has paved the way for another milestone a stocks tweeting website Stocktweets.org
It all started when..
In early 2013 I started to post on investorshub in the option forums on my own board where would issue approximately 10-15 weekly option picks every week, as a result, folks started to follow my picks and trading my style.   I was encouraged to post more frequently, furthermore, to give updates on my thoughts.
Turned Passion into a business model…

I have given free picks for a few months, subsequently many followers have benefited from my option alerts before moving to a paid subscription style; my followers have subscribed and since then WOP is proceeding with it’s Journey.  I recognized a need for a dedicated site,therefore, I started weeklyoptionplays on Google sites; as the site gained more traffic I upgraded the site to current site & I am constantly updating the site as well the product offerings.

Our Results


I have a consistent track record of hitting 75-80% Accuracy in Weekly Picks.Below is my track record of my weekly option alerts for past 40 weeks.  This lead to the start of my subscription business to provide my weekly picks to my followers and since then I have grown month by month.

Weeklyoptionplays previous Picks/Charts/Newsletters and Past Statistics are available at my Google Drive:

Charts: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3sAjlontAnTQTNFUnZMYXZ1MEU&usp=sharing

Visual Recap of Premium/Basic Picks: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3sAjlontAnTUkhOR2NMX1pTZVE/edit?usp=sharing

Past Picks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnsAjlontAnTdEZ3aUV1THRfU2o2UGRtY2hQalExcEE&usp=sharing

Weekly Wrap Up Videos Links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3sAjlontAnTVVVJSFRjSl9BUzA/edit?usp=sharing

Youtube Channel Link: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZG8vqMjiHQjPmXbuF5mbw

In September Weeklyoptionplays started its Indian operations we plan to cater to Indian markets as well in the future.
Service and Transparency
Regarding our weekly performance, the best part of the business is that we keep our Wins and losses transparent, we display our weekly results in social media sites like StockTweets.org my own site. You can find all our picks issued so far from day 1 at www.weeklyoptionplays.blogspot.com
we are very proud to say we have a success rate of 80%+ in weeklyoptions. Kindly check our past results and weekly returns in my website.  Come join us today!!
Our Team:

Sasi M Motaparthy- Chief Editor & Owner of WOP I am running this Business all by myself. I am active in Twitter, Stocktweets.Org, Seeking Alpha as Contributor and my tweets appear in Social Pulse in Market Watch. I completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Nagarjuna University, India and Masters In Computer Science from University of Ballarat, Australia  and works in IT field as Project Manager in IT Services Company, married and been an Active Options/Stocks Trader since 2006. I have keen observation on Market direction, stock price movement, prediction of stock movement, give weekly option picks with a Average accuracy rate of 80% since week1.