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FAQ for Trial Members

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1)This group is for Sasi’s freebie picks. Since this is complimentary service it will be very few picks in a week. i follow price actions,market sentiments, Charts, Macro Analysis, Market Data to derive at my plays.

All picks will be delivered real time in Telegram Messaging App in the respective groups. Once you provide screen shot of  the Subscription Sasi will add you to the Appropriate Group.
2)No off topic chatter, the primary focus of this group is trading options. Do not post with Agendas and Negativity, your posts will be deleted immediately.

3)Do not post your entries or exits in this group.We dont know your expertise on Options and we dont want others following the trade unless you are prooven seasoned player in Options Trading. It is Sasi who will Post his free Option Trades every week. Typically Trades are offered on Monday and Closed by mid of the week same week.

You can view Free Trial Stats: http://weeklyoptionplays.com/free-trial-stats/

Sasi offers 100 % money back Gurantee and credit next months fees to your account if you get a negative month if you follow below rules.

Sasi suggests Option House for less commission costs and brokerage firm which charges flat 5$ for trading stocks.

Remember you have to follow the rules to qualify for the credit: 1) Use uniform sizing of $500 for options 2)Use 50% stop loss 3) Play all the picks issued. 4) Enter into the trades in closest times as possible to match the entries and exit signals of Sasi Alerts. 6)Use Brokerage firm which charges lowest Option fees and stock fees.

Subscription Links:

Basic Starter Package: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LZJFBWH2FDPGY

Basic Yearly Package:

2months off for 1 yr sub fees:


4)Remember sharing news on any particular sector or stock is not endorsing that stock etc. Sasi is not responsible for any buy sell recommendations given by the members.
5)Tickers should be stated in capital letters, please avoid capital letters else where.

6)Refrain from asking newbie questions during market hours, that is what investopedia is for, after normal market hours you are free to ask question learning is encouraged, distractions are not.

7)No harassing, name calling, swearing, or posting inappropriate content.Any such violations will result in terminations from this group.

8)We may update these rules at anytime depending on the behaviors of those in the group

9)Since it is complimentary service it does not guarantee a play right after open on Monday or for that matter on any day of the trading days.
10)Please be polite and do not demand updates or new plays. i know at times you are tired of waiting of new plays.Main objective is taking a play when it is time as per Sasi and not because a stock has a news we dont take a play.

11)If you are day trader, you will not see picks issued all the day this is not a aggressive stock option picking group

12) Telegram Free Group will be open for new members. Once a member has spent atleast 2 months he is expected to move to Paid Started Group of $100/Month
13)Stock Option Trades will be given in Telegram App and Whatsapp Apps
14)Telegram/Whatsapp Groups are not specific to any Country ethnicity Race or Religion. This is for all Traders who wish to join. So pls dont call any words in the groups.
15)I might start new Telegram groups on different Plans and Equity types.
16)Group members can turn on the notifications so that you will get automatic notification when i post a play. pls setup the settings so that you will be notified when there is post.

17)Please post your valuable feedback at twiiter.com/weeklyoptions or send as direct mail or message. My Email: sasi.admn@gmail.com
18)We dont discuss on other stock picking services or traders here. pls dont cross reference or call names out.
19)We have traders from US Canada Europe Asia refrain from any posts that might hurt others on any sensitive topics.
20)Both entry and exit signals will be posted in Broadcast Channel and in Free group.
21)Pls refrain from posting ICONS and graphic images in the group.
22)Folks please do not post comments in the room. Pls check the comments you are adding is adding any value to the room.
23)we will add these in FAQs so tht there will be no repeat questions and lets be professional
24)Options Education: http://weeklyoptionplays.com/options-education-2/
25)Options Brokerages: https://www.nerdwallet.com/l/investing/best-online-brokers?utm_source=goog&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=in_mktg_paid_032816_beta&utm_term=%2Bbrokerage&utm_content=ta&mktg_hline=843&mktg_body=393&mktg_place=5&gclid=CjwKEAiAkajDBRCRq8Czmdj-yFgSJADikZggWuDe8FbYwpR2lFLEkqC-9O9XZSf7m776RWjuvGr1ixoC5FXw_wcB
26)What is Auto Trading?Auto trading is the ability to have a stock or option broker execute trade alerts by your newsletter. Option Broker executes newsletter publisher trade alerts when they are received. As an auto trading customer, you give Option Broker the authority to enter and exit only those trade alerts by your newsletter. This enhances your ability to get into and out of trade alerts efficiently, even if you are unable to keep in touch with current market conditions
Never miss a trading alert from Weeklyoptionplays.com
Best of the Picks will be sent to AutoTrading with high chances of returns
Aiming 50-100%+ Gains in each play.
You choose the maximum amount per trade based on, Dollar Amount ($), Number of Contracts, Percentage of Account Value (%)
You control your account. Change the maximum amount per trade, start or stop your service at any time.
No paper forms are required. Sign up and manage your subscription online from trading site.
Subscribe to Autotrading Package at https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CPWTBZBFAG9GA
27) AutoTrading Stats: http://weeklyoptionplays.com/auto-trading/
28)How did WeeklyOptionPlays.com start?

Weeklyoptionplays started as a Discussion Board in InvestorsHub for my Option Alerts in early 2013 and gathered decent number of followers. I have given free picks for few months and many followers have benefited from my option alerts before moving to Paid Subscription. My patrons/followers have subscribed and since then WOP is carrying on its Journey. I recognized a need for dedicated site, and started weeklyoptionplays on Google sites. As the site is gaining more traffic i have upgraded site to WordPress site and I am constantly updating the site as well the product offerings. In future i foresee WOP as 1 stop for US and International stock markets, Forex, Futures, Precious Metals. WOP is gaining popularity in Stocktweets.Org, Twitter and Options investing community.

What are Weeklys?

Just as their name implies, the weeklys (spelled ‘weeklys’ and not ‘weeklies’) are a newer type of option trading vehicle created by the CBOE with a life span of only ONE WEEK .

Before weekly options came along, the shortest time frame option that was available to option traders was the standard 1 month option (30 days).

In addition to the one month out series, there are also longer term options available, ranging from two to several months to very long term options with life spans of a year or more which are known as LEAPS.


Weeklys were created in 2005 by the CBOE as a way to provide additional trading products as well as a way to provide option traders with a more efficient and cost effective way to trade and hedge option positions.

For the most part, weekly options act exactly as standard options, the only difference being their time to expiration.

When they were first launched in 2005, the weeklys were available on only four indexes: SPX, OEX, XSP, and XEO.

In June of 2010 the CBOE began to include other vehicles, listing weeklys on a number of other indexes, ETFs, and stocks.

While it took awhile for weeklys to become popular with the retail trading crowd, towards the end of 2010 volume really took off and has been increasing ever since.

30)What makes Weekly Option Plays different from competitors?
While other Subscription Providers only talk about thier wins and dont disclose thier loosing trades,
WOP is only Subscription Provider that provides complete Option Picks History from Day 1 since WOP is offering subscription. Every Option Alert is tracked for its performance whether the picks has given Profits or Loss. WOP provides transparency of its Option Alerts, we show all our trades in Black & White whether they hit or miss. At WOP i have recorded 80% Accuracy in option picks. So far I have Statistics for 30 Weeks of Silver Package Picks and 29 Weeks of Gold Package Picks.

31)How are picks delivered to Subscribers

All picks will be delivered real time in Telegram Messaging App in the respective groups. Once you provide screen shot of  the Subscription Sasi will add you to the Appropriate Group.

32)Can you explain the billing and terms of service?
Billing will occur the day of sign-up and if recurring the same date the next month. If you decide to cancel,it must be done before billing of the next month.

33)Mode of Service
Picks will be delivered via Telegram Groups with entry premium/strikeprice/Expiration date and Sell premium. Subscribers are expected to enter into the trades and follow the trading range provided in the alert. I will be suggesting some trading rules/sizing of your option plays/placing stop loss which will be very helpful for newbie or intermediate traders.

34)What Kind of Option Plays WOP provide
WOP provides straight calls/puts/straddle/spreads. I believe in KISS principle-Keep it Simple. We want to simplify things for average investor.

35)How Many Picks are issued Every Week?
At WOP i do not guarantee on Quantity of Picks but i thrive for providing Quality picks. What that means is depending on Market conditions WOP will be releasing picks which i think have high chances for a hit. If market conditions are choppy and dont facilitate momo for movement of options picks i will not be pushing any new picks for that day.
Our normal delivery model is i will be issuing 5-6 picks on Monday and rest of the picks depending on intra day opportunities like buy now and sell at so and so exit premium.

36)What is the Portfolio Size and Trade Size you Suggest?

$5000 is ideal to start with a sizing of $500 per play.

37)Where are the Picks Issued?

WOP send alerts out to Subscribers directly in APPS(Whatsapp/Telegram) Apps.

38)How many Picks are Issued for Silver Plan?

5 Picks are isssued for Silver Plan per week.

11)How many Picks are Issued for Gold Plan?

5-7 Picks are issued for Gold Plan per week.

39)When are the Picks Issued during the Week?

Picks are issued starting from Friday for Following Week. 4-5 picks are issued by Monday and rest of the picks during the week when the opportunities show up.

40)What is the Criteria WOP uses for Issuing the Picks?

WOP issues Option picks using its Propreitary Indicators, Momentum, Price Action of the underlying stock.

41)Are the Sell Alerts Issued along with Buy Alerts?

WOP Indicates Buy Premiums ,Sell Premiums and risk involved in each option play.

42)WOP Issues its picks based on its indicators, price action and momentum. Use 50% Stoplosses all the time.

43)Your Results show you have 80% Average Accuracy can i expect 80% Accuracy every week?

Every week is different, i try our best to give higher accuracies but some weeks its not possible to clock in higher accuracy, as market is unpredictable and volatile. During market sell off weeks WOP cannot guarantee 80% results, and infact WOP cannot guarantee 80% results every week. i have very good weeks and bad weeks too.

44)Your Weekly Accuracy is different to my Weekly Gains, why is it so?

Its very much important to diversify and play all the picks i give in the week. If i give 14 Picks in a week and 72% are Hits-10/14. You need to play equal amounts in all the 14 picks to get near 72% Accuracy. If you have played selective 3-4 picks out of 14 picks in the week its possible your picks may end up all hits or all misses.So its very much possible that your individual results does not match to Weeklyoptionplays stats.

45)How your Subscription Service Works?

I offer my Subscription via Telegram Groups . You will receive next wave of picks depending on when you are added to the feed. If you are added on Weekend you will see picks coming in from Monday. If you got in by Wednesday i might have issued most of the picks for the week. You need to wait till Monday for next wave of picks.

46)What other features do you provide ?

Make sure you are registetred at weeklyoptionplays.com you can go through different blogs in my website. You can find all my previous 40+ weeks picks i have issued so far in Past Performance. You can go through all my previous weeks picks and get a feel what are the different picks that gets listed in my Weeklies and which of the tickers have higher and lower percentage of hits. Past Statistics can help you a lot to identify which tickers always do well in my weeklies and the ones which are below 70% accuracy mark. You can post in weeklyoptionplays forums, create your own board and maintain that board as a moderator. Check out the charts and videos and much more. Website will be constantly updated with new and exciting stuff. Make yourselves comfortable, weeklyoptionplays can be a hangout place for discussions/blogs/charts/videos.

47)What is the Criteria do you use for issuing the Picks?

I refer charts /price action/ trading ranges/momentum/ intuitions /market directions/ stock bullish bearish modes/ upgrades /news/ catalysts.Not same criteria applies everytime.

48)What are the type of gains we can expect playing your plays?

Play with the money that you can afford to loose. Do your own Due Diligence and your solely responsible for your trades. WOP issues Investment ideas i do not gurantee on picks results. Past Performance does not guarnatee future results.

49)what is the Account Size for Autotrading.

25K is the account size one should have to avoid the day trader pattern. I would suggest 30K is good account size.

50)I see you have 80% Average Accuracy can i see your trading account statements/entries/exits showing 80% Average Accuracy.

I am building a brand value of my service, so i take higher priority in giving winning picks to my subscribers rather trading my own account. So i will be rather scanning for picks than trading my account.Its a never ending job. As soon as current week picks ends i start looking for opportunities for next week. I do lot of home work in my weekends. My Higher Accuracy comes from great focus and keen observation of markets and tickers that interest me from time to time.

51)From how long your running the Subscriptin Service?

Weeklyoptionplays will be celebrating its 4th Anniversary in March 2017.