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Weekly Option Plays Blog



Bang!! What a comeback by WOP.

We had Wins and we had Losses, but our Wins are massive and our Losses are negligle compared to our Wins.

We agreed that our Picks recorded low Accuracy last 2 weeks at 50% and 69% and this week we are back with a Bang!!

We had Multi Baggers in $SCTY  $CTSH $ FB $V

$SCTY 51.5 C gave 800% Gains-$SCTY from 1.00 now at 4.70 oct 19 51.5 calls


$CTSH 87.5 P gave  300%


$FB gave us 500% gains


$V we buyed 200 Calls when it is at 195 we hit 199.9 today with a day left tomorrow. we booked 70% of stake at 60% gains and we are riding on free options tomorrow.

$V 200 C spiked .01 to .69 on friday. Those who added 200 C would have been up 6900%


$AAPL 505 C gave us 100% gains


$CELG 160 C gave us 60% gains


$GLD 126 Calls we booked 60% gains.


$PCLN 1060 C we are able to close at breakeven on Friday.$PCLN alerted 1060 C at 2.1 in the weeklies told followers exatly where to exit for breakeven .

$TSLA 190 C we sold at 50% Loss


$WYNN- Holding $WYNN Calls here. Free gift for followers.


$TZA 24C  at .20 we sold at 50% Loss. TZA was alerted at 21.8 on Monday when the Govt Shut down is on, expected a gap up on Tuesday but didnt happen.











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