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Great job great picks, today was awesome.
Average gain before commission 31% this week
Good trades!!
 I just signed up for premium.  Nice trades this week.
I am autotrading with Global with your service.  Enjoying thus far!!
Hello Sasi,
Thank you for your terrific picks this week!  This is my first week and I already made $1500.  I can’t wait until next week.
I am interested in the PPT for your newsletter.
Sasi continues to outperform with his picks…His track record is second to none….This is the place to be if you want consistent wins every week….AMAZING….Susan
Hi Sasi… WOW WOWWOW….WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!…..You keep nailing it day after day and week after week…  YOU are changing lives … I need to be reconnected or signed up again for autotrade or dittotrade…. I guess you need to let them know… I would like to have everything all ready to go, so I can get trades first thing on Monday… I am so excited… I will be trading with only $300 per trade… so I am hoping that will still give me some profits….. I think I might have you a customer or two… But they are still watching me…  Please get me reconnect with them as soon as it is convenient ….. I am looking forward to you next picks this week…. BLESSINGS….Susan
Hi Sasi:
Yes — nice gains from yesterday’s action — it was pretty crazy with the volatility and wild swings — but it worked out.
Looking forward to continuing with you and see how it goes — so far so good!
I missed the great action today, as my account funding was not complete until late AM. Oh well….there’s always next week!
-Bill Farrell
I am waiting for my Funding to show up at Ditto.​Probably Monday. Recorded 34% Gains in my portfolio for the week.
-Basic Subscriber Thomas
Couldn’t get in everything but did fair. Hopefully we hit some big winners next week.
-Ben Ronen
i wll sign up for Autotrade. i have seen and followed your picks, you are very good.  looking forward to the sign -up. thx. again.
I’ve been following you for sometime now, and realize your the real deal.
My overall for week was 12 trades, average gain 1.4 %. Basically break even.
I was impressed with the recovery from losses.
I got 100% accuracy for plays I have received and I am up 26% for week of 09/26/2014. I am moving up the ladder to autotrade very soon..
BAC 0%, UVXY 61%, SPY 34%, FB 32%, LNDK 43%, CMG -38%, FB 49%.
7 trades, average 26%
Hi you really hit the twtr with the sell to open, that was a nice call that put all the premium in the pocket.
Still making consistent profits with WOP after my third week…Sasi works hard to give his members consistent wins EVERY week… NO other membership could give me this…I will be upgrading to autotrade next week…  Susan
You hit it out of the park, you played that volatility nicely , I wish I had been quicker on the pcln, and if we held on to the uvxy longer. I should upgrade to the auto trade account.
-Robert Glennie

Well, this week looks good so far.

But like I said I have an eOption account so would need to create a whole new account with Ditto Trade for Autotrading.

SCTY  still open
TSLA bt 1.05  sold .91  loss​  -13.33%
SPY Bt .97 sold 1.04  Gain 7.22%
TWTR  Bt .51 Sold .75  Gain 41.5%
GLD Bt .78 sold 1.00  Gain 28.1%
UVXY Bt 1.06 Sold 1.24  Gain 16.98%
BAC Bt .06 Sold .07  Gain 16.67%
Average gain 16% on my portfolio . I did not take BAC, as I am paying .75 per contract each way, and commission would have wiped out any but a large gain.I will be interested to compare my results with the autotrade results when you post them. Interested to join Autotrade from Basic.
09/16/2014- I have never seen anyone whose foresight in picking stocks compares to Sasi.. It’s like he knows where the stock is going, before the stock knows… lol…  Sometimes he is a little early , but he pulls out the big win in the end… I have found a home…THANK  YOU SASI..Susan
09/14/2014- I joined Sasi about two weeks ago… One member commented that Sasi was a ‘trading genius’… well after two weeks trading with him… I have to say that the other member was absolutely correct… He seems to have an uncanny ability to predict stock movement.. …I have been in several stock rooms over the years… and have never seen anyone as accurate as this… I have FINALLY found a home with consistent success… Susan
05/27/2014-We at Benzinga are big fans of Sasi
Brianna from Benzinga
02/13/2014-Hi Sasi,
I will start by saying that you’re an option trading Lord. For all the years I have spent trading, I have never come across anyone like you.
I say these for the following reason: I  funded my autotrading with as little $1000 and with your great trading skills my account grown from $1000 to $2500 that’s over 200% growth in a few short weeks. This guy Sasi is like the federal reserve bank that mints money. But the only difference is that he dose it with great calls on options that are 80% to 100% right. Thanks so much you’re changing lots of life’s for the better. You’re the option Lord indeed!! Autotrader Jay

Congrats on an outstanding week.  I was conservative with my settings (approximately 5% per trade or $250) and still made 50% on my entire account.  My account went from $4650 to nearly $7000 dollars in only one week.  This is a “no-brainer” when trying to decide whether to follow your service or not. Everyone should signup.  In one week of earnings, members can pay for their membership fees for several months. Autotrader Caesar

02/13/2014-Sasi  my account is ~79% up in 1 week. total account value starting 4800 – 8590. Autotrade-Vijay

02/13/2014-Sasi……very good job.thanks-Vasanth Autotrader

02/13/2014- Yes – you did a great job this week and I raised my daily max per trade amount to $3,000 yesterday so today was even better.  Here are the details on the results so far …. $19,284 profit this week and total profit of $13,267.01 for the 4 weeks (was at a -6,016.99 before this week due to the 1 rough week).

Autotrader- Tony

02/12/2014-hello Sasi. bc of you my account went to $1800 from 800. thank you for that….. just wondering do you have any more buy alert coming. I just played aapl and spy miss you other play, didn’t had funds… I am really excited to join your group…. thank you

02/12/2014-Sasi,so far excellent.-Vasanthh Autotrader

02/11/2014-Awesome Day!!! Look at Ditto account at 2.30PM Thanks!!Nice execution this week Sasi.Excellent Day!!- Vijay Autotrader

01/24/2014-@Weeklyoptions Great week up 30% this week in Autotrading Plan.  Already paid for my monthly fee for the first 3 months in the first full week.-Drew

01/24/2014-A most interesting week.  Congrats on the great calls-Peter T Burnham

01/14/2014- @Weeklyoptions ready to sign up Bob again. Please send discount payment links thanks-Peter

01/12/2014-Thank you for the trial week.  I appreciate it.  I was impressed that as the week started badly you tried very hard to turn things around and were honest about the direction of each investment. You did not try to paint an unrealistic rosy picture.  Thank you.I am interested in the auto-trading service -Ken

01/05/2014-So glad to see you are adding auottrade! so exciting and has me planning on returning!-Scott Shanley (NFL PLayer for Saints,Rams,Cowboys)

12/06/2013-Is this offer(Black Friday) still good by any chance for a previous subscriber? :)  I have to admit, I’ve tried others and yours by far is the best, unfortunately the others have lost me $$-Nate

12/03/2013-Enjoying your service so far-Premium Subscriber-Kirk

11/29/2013-Your alerts are pretty good. But your monthly price is too pricey for my portfolio-Malaysianick

11/20/2013-well done sir. I’m impressed with you. Devoted follower.-Premium Subscriber- Bipolatrada

11/20/2013-very accurate service. Great gains. Worth the $250 if you trade with over 2k account.-Bipolatrada

11/11/2013-Great Call on TSLA SCTY- Premium Subscriber Zhang

11/10/2103-You did exactly what you advertise. You are very transparent on your successes and the picks that don’t work. If the person using your service has the time and follow you they will be successful-Paul Hess

11/10/2013-Good Calls sofar.Hardest thing is when to sell-Trial Member -Stephen

11/10/2013-Hi just wanted to say thanks for saving us subscribers on a few of those trades last week and helping us exit at some profits! Those real time updates were crucial-Premium Subscriber-SCOTT SHANLE 10 Yr NFL Linebacker(Saints7,Cowboys2,Rams1)

11/1/2013-Nice Work-Moulden

11/1/2013-I took your great call on the PCLN 1050p +8 then rd it back up w 1080c +6.5 cheers!-Premium Subscriber -JFoxy from Stocktwits

11/1/2013-amazing calls on PCLN-10Bagger,LNKD-4 Bagger-Bipolatrada (Premium Subscriber)

10/29/2013-great Pick on IBM. giving 2xbagger -Kapoor

09/16/2013-Took me a few days to get used to the picks. Picks seem awesome, after my trial I will definitely become a paid sub- Trial Member-Matthew

10/28/2013-Cheers YHOO 32 strike  gave 113% and caught some pretty good entry points on the others too-Premium Subscriber- Jason

10/21/2013-Awesome Pick Sasi. FSLR is surging-Manish

10/11/2013-I have long called WOP a money train and still stand by it till this day. Take a look a jump on-Premium Subscriber-Jay

09/16/2013-Took me a few days to get used to the picks. Picks seem awesome, after my trial I will definitely become a paid sub- Trial Member-Matthew

09/15/2013-Sucess is great, but May be categorizing each play with risk levels. That way investor can manage their own risk!!-Trial Member-NYORKA

09/15/2013-If someone is associated with you I am sure they will benefit greatly with your in-depth knowledge and who knows what percentage gain they will have in a short time.
I am extremely excited to be part of your group and can’t wait for Forex Signals. I feel that there are very few services with your kind of success and win ratio- Premium Subscriber-Samar

09/09/2013-WeeklyOptionPlays 3/4 friday picks already hit with gains, thank you-Premium Subscriber-Lorange

09/09/2013-Thanks Sasi. Getting ready for takeoff ! I was in FB in at .08 out at 1.2 last week.Made my year ! You’re the best ! – Peter

09/06/2013- WOW! 12k in 1 day in FB. Thanks Sasi!- Premium Subscriber-Peter

09/05/2013-great pick on NFLX last week and AAPL yesterday…both up significantly higher-Premium Subscriber-Madhu

09/05/2013 @WeeklyOptionPlays AAPL hit – 50%, F hit – 100%-Premium Subscriber-Lorange

09/05/2013 Commented on StockTwits: F – took 100% gains, sold too early, Gld – yesterday http://stks.co/ijmF-Lorange

09/05/2013@Weeklyoptions Thanks again for the wonderful picks . Good Job-Premium Subscriber-Samar

09/05/2013 @Weeklyoptions winning is the way is done here at WOP, made 250% on F calls and 70% on my AAPL calls as well-Premium Subscriber-Jeff

08/23/2013-FB 39 Calls gave more than double today 150%” Nice call on FB sold today at 1.35 – nice profit-Premium Subscriber-TraderGuyJeff

08/23/2103-Gspiliadis:FYI. I’m up 110k with this service in 2 weeks. Now in gld, slv and nugt (my pick)”- Premium Subscriber-George Spiliadis

07/27/2018 -@SasiOptions@Weeklyoptions My overall performance since I began (4th week) 33 wins, 17 losses. Profit $3,130. Total invested 49,043.@SasiOptions Played 3x NFLX from your picks/tweets @ 2602 loss (300C, 320C, 220P). AAPL was 1538 loss. Yes would have been much better without playing Earnings Plays- Premium member PhillyBob

07/16/2018 -@Sasioptions Sold GS for nice profit-Premium Subscriber-Robert

07/16/2018 -@Sasioptions I checked my Stats. I will be 23/32, 23 WINS and 9 losses on your Premium Picks-Premium Subscriber-PhillyBob

07/16/2013 -@Sasioptions Bought MA 590 Calls for 3.94 and sold for 4.70 for 5% gains-Premium Subscriber-Micheal

07/18/2013 -@Sasioptions Sold BAC @.32 from .15, CTSH moved up too fast!!-Premium Subscriber-Eric

07/19/2013 -@SasioptionsNice call on AAPL! –Premium Subscriber-Marco

07/19/2013 -@Sasioptions How did i miss that !step away for 10min and boom, Nice call on 425 AAPL puts for 2nd time.-Premium Subscriber-PhillyBob

07/19/2013 -@Sasioptions I got in CELG 135 Calls@7.04 out @8.7-Premium Subscriber-Micheal

07/19/2013-Unreal, I’m 12/12 wins so far with 3 open positions TBD. Not a bad service at all!-Premium Subscriber-Phillybob

07/18/2013 -@Sasioptions Bought 3 LNKD@3.45 , Just sold them @7.50-Premium Subscriber-PhillyBob

07/18/2013 -@Sasioptions Sold my 4 LNKD at 8, having paid 3.4 Good Pick!!- Premium Subscriber-Rick

07/18/2013 -@SasioptionsJust waiting on CELG AAPL NFLX, Everything else i was in HIT-Premium Subscriber-Dennis

07/19/2013 -@Sasioptions good call on AAPL this morning bought mine at .08 and sold at .41, 15 contracts-Premium Subscriber-Eric

07/20/2013 -@Sasioptions great call on BIDU 250% gains Last week-Premium Subscriber-Syed

07/12/2013 -New trades – NFLX 245 Call, in @5.90, out @8.00 – could have held longer but profit is king.

AMZN – another I sold too soon but in @2.90, out @4.00 (now its over 10)
Goog in @8, out @9.60

Missed out big on PCLN and several others but to right the ship, Sasi gave me a quick hit for this morning. AAPL 425 Puts. In @.40, out @.93. Verynice! Thanks Sasi, I appreciate your research and would recommend the Premium Subscription to anyone. Pays for itself easily! –Premium Subscriber-PhillyBob

07/11/2013 -Hi-I’ve made 200% on GOOG,But lost 95% on UVXY so far stil holding-PremiumMember

07/11/2013 -@WeeklyOptionPlays really great picks today. Made a profit on $AMZN and $GOOG. $NFLX in play. Kicking myself for not entering $PCLN huge!-JPremium Subscriber-omama

07/10/2013 -Sasi – I am really glad that I have tried out the trial version of your premium alerts. I did make a profit of 1800$ on Netflix @ 245 calls, with in 3 hours of time. I am going to continue the premium alerts. I hope, this will continue.by the way, “You Rock” :)Thanks,RajErv.

07/09/2013 -Testimony from my Premium Subscriber:
Ok, I’ve been actively following Sasi’s Premium picks and averaging about $1000 +/- investment per trade. So far, I’ve completed 12 trades (one twice) in the last 7 days and have 3 positions still open. Here’s a list of my activity:
Root Strike Entry Exit Cost Qty Profit
AAPL 410 2.75 5.00 559.51 2 430.95
UVXY 64 1.60 1.65 972.65 6 4.67
TSLA 120 1.15 1.60 1,165.78 10 418.40
VXX 20 0.25 0.28 1,039.30 40 41.35
MA 595 2.90 4.25 1,171.08 4 517.81
V 190 1.18 2.05 958.22 8 667.53
LNKD 190 2.90 4.75 1,171.08 4 717.79
CI 73 1.59 2.15 1,126.44 7 365.09
AAPL 430 2.00 811.08 4
AMZN 285 3.40 5.10 1,371.08 4 657.80
SPY 163 1.15 1.45 1,165.79 10 268.39
BBRY 10 0.23 1,075.21 45
PCLN 875 3.50 6.00 1,060.30 3 729.35
PCLN 875 2.80 569.51 2
ISRG 425 1.50 2.25 1,063.44 7 498.09
Those with no exit are my remaining open positions.
Overall, I have to say, this has been a profitable venture and I hope it lasts a long time!

07/05/2013 -I discovered WOP on StockTwits and decided to give it a whirl. Sasi offered me a free one week trial to his premium subscription. I am happy to report 4/4 Wins! While it may have been a little stressful as two of the four went from loss to profit in the last two trading hours for the week, I had Sasi’s guidance and communication keeping me focused on what turned out to be about a 25% gain in one week. I will be subscribing as a paid member today. Thanks Sasi!!!

07/01/2013 -Your newsletter is very detailed-Doaner

06/28/2013 -That was a good play on the SLV calls for next week as it closed right below the High of the Day-Premium Subscriber-Yamin

06/21/13 -Fantastic picks this week! You nailed UVXY! –Premium Subscriber-Yamin

06/20/13 -You rock! Considering a premium account now-Premium Subscriber-Yamin

06/20/13 -I am very pleased with your results and your picks – if nothing else it confirms my intuitions on the markets and worth every penny!-Premium Subscriber-Yamin

06/05/13 -Fantastic. JNPR was a 30minute in @ 0.61 on the ask, out in the .90’s!- Nick

06/04/13 -Your rules in how to trade has definitely helped me be a better trader. Small contracts with strike prices outside the money has worked well. I used 2 K and made quite a bit of money with small profits of $ 200-900 per trade. Again, thanks. awaiting for your wednesday night updates. PS. I’m well beyond the 100 % profit line. Keep up the good work-Mark

05/31/13 -Damned! you are good. I got 3 out of 3 hits.GLD, TSLA, LNKD. increased 70 % of my original investment in 1 week-Mark Tran

05/17/13 -nice picks so far man!!

05/16/13 -Netflix and TSLA picks from Stocktwits yesterday was a GREAT call-Terence

05/08/13 -Hi Sasi, I am impressed by your picks and performance. I just subscribed to the monthly plan-paid by Paypal-Aravind

05/01/13 -You nailed it today with apple , and spy good call –Brenda

04/29/13 I am following you on StockTwits and came across your weekly option blog. Your success rate seems pretty darn good.

I would be interested to get email of your trading ideas as it comes out.-Vivek K

04/28/13 Great job on the newsletter!!-Glen Davis

04/26/13 I am new subscriber to you program. Congrats on an excellent product!! -Ayo Koyejo

04/24/13 -Like this pre market updates email the best – Alan Bass

4/10/13 Dude, I don’t know who you are but you are amazing! I especially love the daily updates. I love how you sent us this morning what you are looking at trading for the day! I am making money on several of your picks ever since I subscribed! I am one happy subscriber! Thanks again! – Jhovany

4/6/13 Hi Sasi..Your Picks are very Good!!! – Sanjiv

4/5/13 Hi Sasi….Nice picks last night….Great Job! You are quite accurate picking the market moves from day to day! Mostly put options for today would have worked out for most investors-Robert

04/04/13 -You’re in the initial phase of building your business. This a result driven business and you are delivering results.Keep doing what you are doing-George

4/2/13 To all players here…Sasi really puts his money where his mouth is. What other Options board has such a consistent record of consecutive 80% winners! – John

4/1/13 You have an amazing board here! I don’t say much but I am definitely profiting from your picks! Thank you!-Jhovany